Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)

The Art of Fugue BWV 1080

Transription for guitar and played: Jozsef Eotvos
Double CD with CD extra
Guitar: Karl-Heinz Römmich, GERMANY, Frank-Peter Dietrich, GERMANY
( 8 strings guitars, different tuned)
Recorded: Budapest 2002, HUNGARY

World Premiere Recording!


Contrapunctus 1
Contrapunctus 2
Contrapunctus 3
Contrapunctus 4
Canon alla Ottava
Contrapunctus 5
Contrapunctus 6 in Stylo Francese
Contrapunctus 7 per Augmentationen
et Diminutionen
Canon alla Decima
Contrapunctus 8
Contrapunctus 9 alla Duodecima
Contrapunctus 10
alla Decima
Contrapunctus 11
Canon alla Duodecima
Contrapunctus 12 Rectus
Contrapunctus 12 Inversus
Contrapunctus 13 Rectus
Contrapunctus 13 Inversus
Canon per Augmentationem in contrario Motu
Contrapunctus 14 a 3 Soggetti
Contrapunctus 13 Rectus, Alio modo
Contrapunctus 13 Inversus, Alio modo


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J. S. Bach: The Art of Fugue

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