Jozsef Eotvos: How to Play Bach

english, 218 pages, 

This is an excellent book with a new perspective on, and concerned with, the interpretation of Bach's Lute Works.
The book is very useful and informative from both an academic and performance  point of view. It contains many examples and comments and also the manuscripts of the Lute Works. It is a good source and reference point for those familiar, and not so familiar with, the transcriptions made by Jozsef Eotvos.  A very useful and welcome addition for musicians and scholars to browse at their leisure!

After the publication of a very successful Hungarian edition and many lectures all over the world we now look forward with your help to produce an English version of 'Thoughts on J. S. Bach's Music and the Performance of His Lute Works' by Jozsef Eotvos.

"... This book is not the usual umpteenth re-release, enumerating the life and works of the great German master, J. S. Bach. Those interested in such information should buy themselves another book. Here, I address those who would like to rethink some of the old seemingly clear and often assumed unquestionable roots on a deeper level and in an as yet unfamiliar way, and those who are not afraid of confronting new ideas and treading new pathes. Change and the path of change is always difficult. This is especially true if someone has been playing and listening to these works for a long time. I, myself have gone through this painful experience, as I have already mentioned,  and therefore I know what I am talking about! For this reason, I have tried, as far as possible, to read these new ideas carefully, to support them with examples and to pass on to practising musicians, rather than a book about theory, a practical guide and handbook. I think that the significance of these ideas goes beyond the sphere of those interested in classical guitar. So far, in my presentations, I have found them able to provide new, interesting stimuli to other early music instrumentalists. Therefore, if you like baroque music or Bach’s works but are not a guitarist, don’t put this book down! Read it! It will prove interesting!I wish you all an enjoyable and a useful read! ..."

from the Preface of Jozsef Eotvos' book "How to play Bach"


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Jozsef Eotvos: How to Play Bach

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